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What’s holding you back from experiencing the greatness you were meant to achieve?

What we do

Through mindset awareness and mastery, we provide individuals with the pathway to create the fulfillment they seek in their lives regarding their financial well-being, their health, as well as their life purpose. We work through structured programs at a beginners level to provide increased awareness and more advanced coaching providing the individual the opportunity to live a fulfilled life coming from choice.


We offer mindset insights including blog posts, weekly newsletters, and podcasts.


Short and long-term courses bring transformation as you learn to understand and master your mindset.


1-to-1 coaching supports you throughout your mindset journey as you first find your path and then learn how to stay on it.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: The Top 5 Things to Start Today… and 1 to Avoid!


EXCLUSIVE OFFER: The Top 5 Things to Start Today… and 1 to Avoid!

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About Merri-jo

My commitment is based on my core beliefs of contribution, trust and commitment. I embrace my heart-felt desire to empower hundreds of people to lead fulfilled lives based on their own individual desires, definitions of success and choices in making a difference. I do this by:

  • Opening your eyes to the things “you don’t know you don’t know”
  • Helping you break through limiting beliefs holding you back from living your dream life.
  • Supporting you to become a Masterful Listener
  • Partnering with you on your journey
  • Assisting you to uncover your top Core Values
  • Supporting new beliefs that truly allow you to start anew today as the first day of the rest of your life

I am dedicated to work with each and every person who chooses to uncover their real self, discover their real mission(s), and recover from a past that perhaps has lead them astray. Those who are ready to let go of their limiting beliefs many of which they unknowingly carry, and create the greatness that fills their soul are my perfect clients.

recent blog posts

I Love to Step Into Thankfulness!

I Love to Step Into Thankfulness!

This week is our national week for recognizing how thankful we are!  Thanksgiving has been celebrated since...well, officially in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln amidst the Civil War.  However, its origination started in 1621 with the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag...

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National Forgiveness Day:  October 25, 2021

National Forgiveness Day:  October 25, 2021

Since today is not only National Forgiveness Day but also my birthday, I thought it would be a great day to do a blog on Forgiveness.  We all have been put in situations where people have done us wrong...for some, too many to count.  Some wronged us without knowing...

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Choose to Create!  Never Give up on Your Uniqueness!

Choose to Create! Never Give up on Your Uniqueness!

I recently met up with some friends to catch up on our lives and "wow," did it set me back.  After experiencing it, I readily acknowledged what was challenging to me.  My friends/associates were discussing some of their ideas and dreams which were so creative and...

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