December is an awesome time of year:  whether it is the time off, Christmas celebration, family we see only get to see at holidays, knowing a “New Year” is about to start (and/or one is about to end!), etc.  Almost everyone enjoys the month of December!!  What is it that’s most important for you?

Now let’s take that sense of joy and ecstasy and prepare to apply that same emotion to our lives for 2021!!  There is a formula you know to truly live your life from choice and commitment, rather than chance and circumstance.  You can CHOOSE to fulfill your dreams and come from a place of true contentment.  But relying on the possibility that you will be “lucky”…win the lottery or such, is not a winning formula.  That one will lead to grave disappointment. 

Back to reality!  So, let’s truly take an insightful look at just what it is you are committed to.  First, how can we know?  I suggest that you know what you are committed to creating by just examining the results you have created.  You see, whether we plan for certain results or they just happen “to us,” failure to be committed, take the proper actions such as adopting a plan to achieve it, and surround ourselves with a support team to help us get there by either contributing their time, energy, knowledge or just accountability, is crucial for any successful human endeavor. 

Can you get lucky?  Well, that is a possibility, but I truly believe we create our own opportunities.  I know I did on a number of occasions.  I surround myself with successful people and at one stage of my life over 20 years ago, one of them invited me to make a $20,000 investment needed for a private corporate buy-out of a “fish food” company.  Within 6 years, that investment paid out $1.1 million on that $20,000 investment! The skill was what?  Surrounding yourself with successful people. 

But this is not about LUCK!  When you operate from “responsible” (able to respond), you will create your own results as well as relationships that produce results you never could imagine on your own.  I prefer calling that “smarts!”

So, what is it you are COMMITTED to create in 2021?  I don’t really need to know but YOU DO!  You see, without commitment the likelihood of you accomplishing much is slim to nil.  Decisiveness is a MUST!  Lack of clarity will destroy anyone’s good intentions.  

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” Kenneth Blanchard

So, write it down NOW:  what am I committed to create in 2021?  Get clarity!  Be “All In.”  Once you CHOOSE, then the entire universe will start to work toward the results you are totally committed to.  How would that feel if the entire universe was behind you?  Won’t happen without you being ALL IN.

2021 is coming upon us and we have three weeks to truly commit.  If we want 2021 to be an awesome year (and answer me this, why wouldn’t you?), then commit to the highest level of productivity, a level of excellence like none other, and total focus. 

 Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” Paul J. Meyer

The other issue that typically arises with people’s commitments is that I hear people say “I am committed”…but at what level?  10%, 25%, 50%, or only as long as things work out?  The reality is that committed is truly an “either /or:” whether you are or you are not! It is 100%!  It is exactly what Arnie Sherr so appropriately stated: “There is but one degree of commitment; total.”   

So, time is now to get clarity!  What specifically are YOU 100% committed to creating in 2021??

Now, once you have achieved that with tremendous clarity, share your commitments with your accountability partners!  Your 2021 will already be taking shape!