Mastery of Courage and Discipline

New Energy, New Life

This course will provide daily support for “Living Your Life on Purpose” every day.  The focus is on courage, discipline, and behaviors that serve you.  Do you want more energy, more certainty more fulfillment and to make a bigger difference in your life?

This Program is like nothing you have done before.

You will be trained to live your life in such a way that success becomes a habit.  We will work on Daily Actions and those actions will become habits providing you a way of life such that you’ll experience more abundance, connections, and become proficient in influencing others to experience their greatness. After 8 weeks of this class, you will have heightened awareness to overcome behaviors and distractions in your life that hold you back. 

You will focus on overcoming them and establish the habits to truly support your freedom to create the results you CHOOSE.


Your instructors are involved with daily reporting overviews and weekly coaching calls to keep you on track, supporting you in your daily activities to ensure you truly fulfill your commitments you made during the “Mastery of Courage and Discipline” class. Those include:

  1. Your Contract,
  2. Your Purpose Statement,
  3. Your Design Your Life in 1 Year contract, with a mindset of “THIS IS IT!”  


I also understand that as part of Mastery of Courage and Discipline..I will get:

  • Mentoring:  1-hour weekly with Patrick Dean and Merri-jo Hillaker (together at times and separate at times)

    Daily tracking sheets to be submitted to coaches reviewing:

      * What came up to stop you from living your contract 

      * What you achieved differently than ever before

      * Mindset shifts occurring so that you will see through your “new set of eyes”

      * New refreshing commitments supporting your contract

  • Journaling: Daily at least 1 page to truly inspect your behavior in/out of alignment with your Contract

  • Reading:  First book “Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment” George Leonard
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Your Choice:  Play Small or Play Big…it is yours to make and we hope you choose to Play Big!


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