I’m Merri-jo,
Nice to meet you

Giving back has been in my DNA forever, but in the past 30 years it has manifested itself in three distinct ways:

Missions: NYC and Brazil annually as well as providing pro bono legal services.

Health: Certified nutrition coach for over 25 years.

Mindset Mastery: Self-development coach for those who are held back from living their lives to the fullest due to negative programming in their past. I am committed to supporting everyone to live their lives by choice… instead of chance and circumstance.

Who am i?

I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a low-income family of 6, the youngest of 4 children all born within 4 years: dad an engineer, mom an artist. I worked diligently “to never do anything that would limit my possibilities in life” because the world is overflowing with endless possibilities. That resulted in my graduating in the top of my High School class, Order of the Coif (top 10%) from UW Madison Law School, getting a Masters in Tax at NYU, practicing at Foley and Lardner, the best law firm in Wisconsin, and then being hired away by one of the top publicly traded corporations in Wisconsin as their new Vice President and General Counsel…at 28 years old!

A few years later, I left the ethically challenging environment of corporate America to buy my own business in Texas. From there I have owned and started numerous companies, as well as establishing my own foundation called Changing Environments (avoiding taxation on a $1 million+ gain on a $20,000 investment!)  My charity continues to support individuals and families with methods to breakthrough and resolve conflict in a way most never knew possible, as well as supporting evangelism around the world. Personal relationships are at the core of our existence, and I am passionate about eliminating “brokenness.”

When you support people to experience breakthroughs setting them on trajectories of greatness, it is incredibly fulfilling. I embrace my life’s desire to empower thousands of people to lead fulfilled lives based on their individual desires, definitions of success and choices in how they will make a difference. I am hopeful I can impact your life so you too can create what you called to do and live out a joyful and fulfilled life.


Company Background:

I started my newest company, Global Mindset Mastery Association, in 2018 with the intent to impact thousands of lives… supporting everyone in my path to experience  personal breakthroughs by releasing their “limiting beliefs,” and empower them to live the dreams that they perhaps had only hoped for.  I began with one course, “Kryptonite Breakthrough,” as everyone needs a base course of understanding the “kryptonite” we have in our lives. This begins with a foundation of knowing how our three levels (conscious, subconscious and superconscious) operate, what is stored specifically in our subconscious minds that have been controlling us, and then take action to do a “rewrite.”  As Jim Rohn said, “If you fail to control your mind, you most assuredly will control nothing else in life.”  The hunger and demand for “MORE” was so great that I developed two additional Advanced Courses:  “Live Your Empowered Life” and “Leadership and Influence Mastery.”  I now also provide the Kryptonite Breakthrough course as well as advanced leadership training for corporate clients.

My personal path:  I excelled at everything in my life but, nonetheless, still found myself unfulfilled…”there must be something more.”   I was frustrated with the world around me, not sure what direction to take, and only through the self-discovery work in my late 30’s did I truly find my voice. Every day I live in total gratitude for the incredible impact my efforts have made and continue to make feeding my #1 core value of CONTRIBUTION! I encourage each and every person who crosses my path to take advantage of these opportunities as you will be blessed!  Are you ready? 

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