I recently met up with some friends to catch up on our lives and “wow,” did it set me back.  After experiencing it, I readily acknowledged what was challenging to me.  My friends/associates were discussing some of their ideas and dreams which were so creative and exciting. But the conversation after a period of joyful revelations quickly drifted to “all the reasons why not.”  Had they given up?  Had they tossed those dreams aside to continue living rather pedestrian lives?  Yes, they expressed that they truly had given up!  I know I have a high level of optimism to the level where I feel it reaches “I KNOW” that each one of us has an incredible voice to be heard, and the world would definitely be a better place if everyone is heard. So what could be more important?  Playing life safe?  Giving up on your contribution to this world is disturbing as it not only robs you of incredible fulfillment, but also the rest of us.  My role here might just be to be the “master encourager” for people to continue their pursuit, but prayerfully, encourage people to never give up their dream, to play full out, and in some cases attack it with reckless abandonment.

So, in examining some of the reasons that came up, I found myself at a loss on how this kind of thinking stops us.  Let’s take a look so as to teach each one of us how perhaps our thought processes come to some of these same conclusions.  Fighting through them is what gets you one step closer to living that totally fulfilled life. Allowing them to overcome our desires results in us denying the world from hearing our voice which is secondary to us denying ourselves!

Reasons generally start with “I am too” followed by “old, young, stupid, smart, poor, rich, etc.”   How much further do you want me to pursue this list without realizing YOU are capable of rationalizing “why not” by coming up with any reason, excuse, whatever, to stop you from moving forward?  We as humans have shown this capacity many times, have you noticed?

Outside of “I am too…”, here is a list of “reasons” I have seen that stop people from truly providing this world with their incredible contribution (which might only need some financial support…an asset that truly is everywhere but our scarcity mindset might be blocking us from “experiencing” this):

  1. Loss of your belief in you
  2. Impatient due to the repetitiveness of the activities
  3. Listening to others advice who typically are trying to “protect” you
  4. Feeling that you have “bit off too much” or too difficult
  5. Getting distracted by other aspects of your life
  6. Scared by all that is involved
  7. Impatient due to not seeing results quickly enough
  8. Failing to truly have the discipline to work hard enough

How important is it for us to recognize “if at first we don’t succeed, try, try again.”  Anything worthwhile is definitely worth pursuing!  Look at Edison and his discovering the lightbulb…only 800 or so mishaps before he figured it out.  So, what is it with our patience?  Build a team of believers, encouragers, successful people around you and then collaborate as they support you to live your dreams.  This is truly the basis for Jim Rohn’s insightful comment:  “You will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  Upgrade now so you too can live your dreams and impact this world to make it a better place in the way that truly is deeply inside your heart.  And never focus on the downside as where you put your attention is exactly where you will end up.  Yes, You Can!