How do you become an Attractor of money versus a Detractor?  Can I give you the number one solution?  It is not easy or you would have already done it, and you wouldn’t even be reading this blog.  The solution has also made millions of dollars for hundreds of authors and speakers because there is a plethora of books and seminars all about Money Mastery.  So, it really is a simple concept but the great majority of people never fully grasp it.

Here it is:  Build an “abundance” relationship with money…in your mind!

Virtually all of us carry “head trash” around money and this comes from many different sources.  So, let’s start by looking at what that means to you.  In order to understand our relationship with money, we need to fully discover what PROGRAMS are in our mind, more specifically our subconscious mind, to see what is BLOCKING us.  Thereafter, we need to take the appropriate action to replace those programs with empowering ones.

So, what are some of those mind programs that we have captured mostly unintentionally that impact our relationship with money?  A good starting point is to look at our childhood.  Our parents were the #1 source of our information at least until we entered school.  But even in school, when and where did we learn anything about money?  Probably not until we started a job. So again, it was our environment that truly shaped our viewpoint on Money.  Here are just a few of those favorite “lines” or opinions we heard and then stored in our subconscious because we had no reason to not believe them.  The psychologists suggest that we start collecting them as young as 3 years old:

a. What did your parents teach you about money

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees”…that means money is scarce
  • “Money is the root of all evil”…isn’t that what the Bible says?  Money is evil?
  • No, it is “the love of money that is the root of all evil but that is not what got stored in our mind!”

b. At Thanksgiving Dinner, the pie was cut into 8 pieces but there were 10 people?

“I can’ get left out again!”  Scarcity mentality…applies to many like events as a child.

c. Fill in the blank giving your first words that come to mind:

“Rich people are    _____________.”  When you define “rich people” a certain way, like they are greedy, or they are selfish, or they waste money, or they are arrogant…well,           Congrats!!!  You will never become rich!  Why?  Because you have given “rich people” a definition that is extremely derogatory, blocking your subconscious to ever allowing you to think you want to be rich! Your thoughts cause confusion when they are inconsistent with what you declare you want in life…hmmm, and where else does this happen for you?  You can choose to control your mind or you can continue to allow your mind   (much of which is stored and you do not even realize is there) to control you!

d. Did you grow up hearing opinions/rationalizations like:

  • “It’s selfish to want a lot of money”
  •  “You have to work too hard to get wealthy”
  • “The chances of getting rich are really low”
  • “Go to college and get a good education or you have no chance”
  • “You either can be spiritual or have a lot of money but never both!”

We also tend to rationalize why it is we do not have enough money.  Ask yourself right now and see what comes up in your mind…  When we accept these rationalizations, then we start to “settle” for whatever we have since we make it “okay.”

Fact: I do not have a lot of (enough) money.


  • Life isn’t fair
  • My parents were not smart/rich/fair
  • I was unfairly treated
  • I did not get a good education
  • I am not lucky
  • I was dealt a bad hand
  • I am no worse off than all those around me
  • Only____________get wealthy
  • There is only so much money/not everyone can be rich
  • God did not want me to be rich or He would have made that happen

Others give us advice on how to get there:

  • You need to try harder.
  • You need to focus and plan.
  • You need to put more energy into it.
  • You need to take advantage of all the opportunities you have.
  • You are not committed enough.
  • You need to be more positive.

Great suggestions but they never seem to work.  Why?  For many reasons but the most important one is the fact that what is stopping you is your own Programs…until you remove the Programs.  You can think of them as a pair of sunglasses with a red hue and wonder why everything is red….what do you need to do before you see life for what it is, in full living colors?  Right!!  You need to take off those crazy sunglasses!!  But if you do not know you are wearing them, you will continue with the same responses.  Stuck!!!

We are good at removing other peoples’ “sunglasses” but typically not our own!