The other day I was working with some people who wanted a “better life.”  They were so energized to truly improve their plight which is something I am always anxious to support as I truly believe the only thing holding anyone back is their own mindset.  If you believe you can or believe you can’t you always will be right!

But where the average person truly gets stuck and I mean really stuck is they have some idea but start working on the “How To’s” first, getting all wrapped up in the step by step.  When I question the outcome they are working toward, too many times I get a puzzled look…and a retort like “Well, whatever it brings!”

Wrong again.  What is so important in our life long journey of unlimited income or assets is to have a Vision or a Goal and get fairly precise on what that is.  Once you have that firmly established now nothing is stopping you!  Oh, yes you can “abandon ship” which shows your lack of commitment, but if you truly commit to pursuing with reckless abandon that Vision, so be it!  It immediately drives your thinking to a higher level because you have put your BUTT on the LINE!

How to’s will always stop you if you are not convicted with a GOAL, a BIG HAIRY VISION.

You see, money is everywhere!  As I tell most people, money grows on every tree, you just need to figure out how to harvest it!  Look at our crazy world and somehow explain to me why that is wrong??  The reality is YOU CAN’T!  I can look back at my High School class and no more appropriate time than now as our 50th Class Reunion is coming up.  The smartest kids in the class are not the brightest shining millionaires in the class…no, it is actually those who never believed they couldn’t.  In other words, it all gets back to the mindset.

Looking at where you are today just ask:  Am I maxed out?  Do I feel there is something greater I can do?  More money out there for me to be attracting?  Look at your skill set as each one of us has accumulated skills over our lives.  What if you could take what you know: your learning education, skills, and package it differently?  Money is only a method of exchange.  Your skill set sold in different ways could generate different streams of income.  Stuck is an option, but why not shoot for some dreams?  Others are doing it in so many different ways so stop admiring them and become one of them!  Yes you can!!

I believe we are all uniquely made with incredible offerings to give to this worked and to be wildly rewarded for.  What is that for you?  Just the other month I had this conversation and that person chose to start putting together an awesome training in her specific skill set and experiences and the results??  Well, you tell me, if you had an online course that sold for $397 and took NO WORK on your part as all the classes were already formulated and automatically accessed, would 100+ people a month bring you some new cash flow?  Almost $40,000 extra income with less than 5 hours per month work!

Now, go get it!