Many of us go through life never having studied the human mind and how it works. It’s definitely not intuitive, and we would never learn much in a classroom unless we pursue an advanced degree in psychology, counseling or related fields.  In fact, most arrive at the basic assumption that our conscious mind is the most powerful state. 

Ah, how wrong we are!  The subconscious, although not truly something we can calculate, is thousands of times as critical as our conscious in its power and control over our mind: the decisions we make, the life we experience, and the person we call “me” that others experience.  

You see, beginning as a young child as early as 2 years old, when our minds are so very susceptible to programming since we start with a “blank slate,” all that we are told, all that we experience, the good the bad and the ugly, are just stored.  And as a child, we have no basis upon which to reject the training…it is like the intake form is submitted as written and the subconscious says “okay.”

So, we become somewhat a reflection of our parents’ beliefs, behaviors, experiences.  We also are trained by their methods of raising us. When they say “money doesn’t grow on trees” we not only have their word for it but we have never seen any trees with money on them as well so our subconscious doubles down on such “nonsense.”  We also experience their relationships with money which in many instances reveal that the money runs out before the end of the month, fixing that old car until it barely works, buying everything at a discount, shopping at the thrift store, the consistent response “we can’t afford it.” 

So many influences so early in our lives…and we wonder why the rest of our lives we have a “poor” relationship with money.   Very few will overcome this in life to create an “abundance mentality” without some intervention, reprogramming, and outright choosing a different approach.  To become an attractor of money it requires an approach that money is everywhere, grows on every tree, we just need to find a way to harvest it.

Why is this so important?  It is not about loving money or material possessions…it is about appreciating all it can do especially in regard to changing the lives of others who are, perhaps, worse off than you.  Our causes around this world that truly touch our hearts are so in need of each one of us to play full out, and that means positioning ourselves in a way to make a difference.  It starts with the right relationship with money.  Is your’s healthy?