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This 8-week program highlights critical barriers stopping you from living your fulfilled life. During the two months meeting with Merri-jo, you will be supported and cared for to help breakthrough your own personal “kryptonite”. During this course, you can expect:

  • To understand the Human Mind: Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious and how it pertains to yourself
  • To uncover the things holding you back in your life. Personal or professional, we will dive into the things that you may not even know about yourself.
  • To improve your relationship with money, people, and most importantly, yourself!
  • To leave your past behind and live every day with a sense of urgency, and an even greater sense of gratitude.
  • To have a radically different viewpoint on life, relationships, people, and the world around you that is rooted in positivity.

Each hour long session has its own application steps to ensure that you are gaining and retaining the value behind each and every lesson. If you do not find any value after your 8-week course, you are completely entitled to a 100% refund. 

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hourly custom coaching – $149/Hr


If the Kryptonite Breakthrough program doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we have a solution for you! If you are needing something more to the tune of business coaching, life advice, or even someone to brainstorm ideas with, you will probably find more value here! Conversations held in this program will be free-flowing and can entail anything you would like to talk about. What can be assured is that you will definitely learn more about yourself and dive into your personal strengths and weaknesses.

On top of that, you can expect to also be starting a process of self-discovery as Merri-jo’s core beliefs will continue to be executed, no matter the situation you bring to the table.  

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