I was flying back from a conference and instead of getting my preferred aisle seat (anyone else on board with that?), I found myself in a window seat.  As I gazed outside in the incredible morning sun, I saw an expansive landscape of cumulus clouds. They not only look like a field of cotton (ever been to west Texas during cotton picking season? Another wow) but without the bols.  

I hesitated as I became enchanted by the idea of how immense, almost a sense that the “landscape in the sky” of these beautifully white clouds is never ending.  I believe it is reflective of the expansive nature of our minds. We truly have unlimited capacity…our “thought world” goes anywhere, preferably where we direct it, and then release it on a topic of interest.  Where will it take us today?  Who knows but we know one sure thing…if we fail to tap into that boundless source of insight and knowledge we have accumulated over the years and instead, respond to life in a fleeting moment, what is the richness of thought we are missing??

Be slow to speak, to write, to think through a problem as the untapped subconscious is awaiting your “knock” to support a better response. We have stored a lifetime of information in our subconscious that truly can give us insights that are not immediate in a rushed response.  Our conscious is the problem as it is the part of our mind that does not remember all the experiences, the thoughts, the conclusions and learnings we have been through over the years of our lives.  But it is all stored in that subconscious, awaiting to be harvested.  

Professional psychologists can help you tap into those stored memories, learnings, habits, gems of information about your life and the things that influence(d) you.   But you too can tap into that boundless source of invaluable information though many different approaches.  You also have the capacity to re-program some of those beliefs and conclusions you drew at a time when you did not know better, but today those beliefs and conclusions drawn are holding you back like shackles tied to your feet.  Time is now to free yourself from those limiting beliefs and free yourself to live life to its fullness.